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AI for video/audio — — a handy tool you can use today!

Given the popularity of the AI resource on the weekend, I want to share a very handy AI tool I use for videos — called Descript.


I’ve only just scratched the surface… but what I love so far is:

  • AI transcribes the video and gives you a transcript.
  • You can use this to create captions — which great for LinkedIn, YouTube and social media videos! And of course you can use the transcript to form a written article.
  • If you stumble on your words or do any ‘ums’ or ‘ahhs’ you can simply edit out those words from the transcript and the video will trim accordingly.
  • You can add overlays like your company logo or a name tag.

Even just those features alone make it a no-brainer, especially given you can all this on the free version!

That said, some features I’m keen to play around with include:

  • you can train the AI to speak in your voice — so if you forget a line or want to re-do a section, you can type in what you forgot and it will dub it into your video, in your own voice!
  • no need for a green screen — the AI will crop out your background, so you can add in whatever you like instead.

Even if you decide to upgrade to Creator it’s only $15/mo.

I’ve told a few coaching clients about Descript and I wanted to share it with everyone.

Have fun!


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