Seinfeld famously said that most people would prefer to be in the coffin rather than giving the eulogy.  Apparently, people’s #1 fear is public speaking and their #2 fear is death.

I tend disagree as I’ve been an speaker for just over a year and have really enjoyed it.  That said, the pre-presentation butterflies are always there, but I’ve actually learned to enjoy them, if I’m prepared enough!

Luckily, preparation is key as we all know Murphy’s Law dictates that things will go wrong at the worst possible time.

On that note, all three of these shockers have occured to me in the last month!

Shocker #1: My slides, audio & projector don’t start, despite testing all three, 30 minutes earlier.
Shocker #2: My laptop doesn’t work with the projector.
Shocker #3: My slides blank out mid presentation.

The first shocker was a bit awkward because I had to wait 3 long minutes for the projector to wake up.  And the audio was very quiet coming just out of the laptop.  A tough way to start with the audience!

What happened? Projector fell asleep & audio decided not to work.

The second shocker was luckily aborted, 5 minutes prior to kick off, when miraculously someone decided to try Ctrl F8!

The third shocker was fun… a full room & the slides blank out 5 minutes in. Luckily, I’d practised enough and after a brief pause kept talking through my case study.  After a few more minutes, the slides returned.

What happened? The power cable fell out of the computer!

It really does go to show that anything can & does happen, but that makes life interesting.  I’ll definitely keep practising my presentations and I look forward to the next challenge that comes my way!

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