“One of the concepts I covered in this week’s AI Content Blueprint workshop was the 4 types of content to win the hearts and minds of your clients. It’s important to have the right mix of Share, Show, Teach and Offer content. ‘Share’ content gives people an insight into you as a person, ie. the real you. It might be your personal story, a glimpse behind the scenes or your ...

Win Hearts & Minds: 4 types of content you need to publish

This week, I had the chance to deliver a 5-minute talk at a Peer Mastermind on the Gold Coast.The topic: “What’s been working well for me this year?”. The Peer Mastermind crew Here’s the 5 things I shared. A Shift in Identity A small change in my identity has had a significant impact in the last year.I shifted my long-held mindset of “getting fit” simply to “being fit”.That subtle change has ...

“What’s been working well for me this year?”

“I don’t want to disturb people”…. Can you relate? A lot of the conversations that I’ve been having with clients in my coaching program have revolved around this notion when it comes to marketing, that “I don’t want to disturb people.” I’m sure that many of us can relate to this because why would we want to disturb people? Right? But it’s quite a limiting belief if you view it ...

I don’t want to disturb people

Recently, I asked a question of readers of this newsletter & my LinkedIn connections: “Have you ever received a negative comment on social media?” The results are in. Negative comments happen a lot. And if you’re in the “It’s Not Happened Yet” category it’s probably just a matter of time until it does.In my own experience, I’ve seen a negative comment land someone in jail for a night (true story!) ...

Negative comments can land you in (real) jail

Embracing imperfect action, patience, and showing up. In marketing, waiting for perfection will hold us back. Instead, celebrate ‘imperfect action’—the decision to start, the courage to ship, and the surrender to how it pans out. Every imperfect step forward brings us closer to our clients, and our goals and unlocks valuable relationships along the way. Marketing also requires patience. Trust the process, allow time for lurkers to come out of ...

Embracing imperfect action

Given the popularity of the AI resource on the weekend, I want to share a very handy AI tool I use for videos — called Descript. I’ve only just scratched the surface… but what I love so far is: AI transcribes the video and gives you a transcript. You can use this to create captions — which great for LinkedIn, YouTube and social media videos! And of course you can ...

AI for video/audio — — a handy tool you can use today!

Adam Franklin

Adam Franklin is the author of Web Marketing That Works -- an Amazon #1 best seller.

He is a professional speaker, marketing coach and CEO of Bluewire Media – which he co-founded in 2005.

Accolades include being named Australia’s #1 business blog, #7 LinkedIn Expert in Asia Pacific and #9 on Entrepreneur magazine's top marketing podcasts.

Adam's work has featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, The Australian, and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Adam helps businesses win high-value clients via LinkedIn.  He teaches 1000s of students via his online courses and coaching programs and his weekly 'Bluewire News' email goes out to over 35,000 business owners worldwide.

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