“I don’t want to disturb people”…. Can you relate?

A lot of the conversations that I’ve been having with clients in my coaching program have revolved around this notion when it comes to marketing, that “I don’t want to disturb people.”

I’m sure that many of us can relate to this because why would we want to disturb people? Right?

But it’s quite a limiting belief if you view it that way.

And what I want to talk to you about now is just reframing that concept of “I don’t want to disturb people” to… “people actually want to follow somebody who they know, like, and trust.”

When you are that person, you’re not disturbing them at all.

You are showing up at the right time. You are often showing up before they need you, and you are helping guide them on the journey.

Whatever that outcome is that you and your business can help them achieve, you are wanting to find people who are going on that journey and who want to get to that outcome because those are the people that are crying out for someone to lead the way and guide them through it.

When you think about it, you don’t need a lot of people.

Most people, if they had a dozen new clients, then that’s a complete game changer for their business.

Now I’m talking typically professional services and high-value engagements, but a dozen new clients is a game changer for most people.

You don’t need a lot of people to achieve this.

There are a certain number of people that need to know who we are.

Currently, they might be strangers, so we need to introduce ourselves to them so that they know us.

Then we just need to nurture them through this know, like, and trust process.

Of course, some of the people that you introduce yourself to aren’t necessarily going gel with you or they’re not going to like you, or they’re not going to be aligned to your core values.

That’s okay.

But there are going to be a lot of people who are.

They will move into this ‘like’ phase, and then some of them over time are going to ‘trust’ you because you’ve been there holding their hand through the journey.

Then of course, some of them are going to want your actual help and will engage you at the end of the day.

To get the Dream Dozen clients, we’re not talking about having tens of thousands of connections.

We’re not talking about being an influencer and putting your face all, all over social media and running all these ads and all this kind of stuff.

We’re looking to find people that are going on this journey, who want the outcome that you can help them achieve. We just need to find a few hundred people like that because as they go through this journey, they’re going to get to know, like, and trust you and they’ll become your clients.

I’m talking about this more and more in terms of the process to get your Dream Dozen clients.

If a dozen new clients would be a game changer for your business, pay attention to the material that I’ll be putting out.

Let us  know your thoughts over on LinkedIn.

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