The goal since day one of our business has been to be able to do the work we love and do it from anywhere we choose. I’ve fortunate enough to have spent the last week working remotely in Bali as a very fun business experiment.

Jump offs Bali
On a wave called ‘Jump offs’ in Bali

Normally I’d head over with Toby but given the impending birth of his first child, I’ve ventured over on my own.

With Wifi freely available in the local Uluwatu Surf Camp, I’ve been able to keep on top of sending our Bluewire News as well as the final days of our Social Media That Works Online Course┬álaunch.

In total, I’ve spent 5 weeks in Bali this year and business has been able to tick along as planned, so all-in-all a success.

I can safely say that I’ll be back!


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No surprises.

No surprises.
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