Here my reflection of 2014.



Toby and I published our first book Web Marketing That Works (Wiley 2014).  This has been a goal of ours for many years and it was a proud moment when it came out.  Now of course we need to continue to sell it!

Book Adam & Toby


As part of launching the book we launched a podcast, also called Web Marketing That Works.  It was on the News and Noteworthy for 10 weeks. And then on What’s Hot.  My only slip up was not recording a few more shows to be published whilst I was in Bali… we lost a bit of momentum there.

Online courses:

We launched our Social Media That Works Online Course and had about $50k in sales for it, which we felt was a good start. This was big milestone as we move to focus on more digital products and online revenue. We’ll continue adding more training content and open it up to students again in future.



I ended taking 4 overseas vacations and 11 weeks ‘away’.

  • New Zealand (4 weeks) and did a reading at a friend’s wedding
  • Bali (5 weeks across 2 trips) — I proved I could live abroad and still keep Bluewire ticking over.
  • Vanuatu (for 1 week)
  • Plus a week’s holiday on the Gold Coast.

Tobes had a baby girl which was really cool, although  my milestone per se!

What didn’t work

  • I didn’t run any marathons or half marathons and found myself 12-13kgs overweight.
  • There were times I bit off more than I could chew and got overwhelmed and didn’t deliver on projects as well I could’ve.
  • Our book launch had its challenges because we never knew when the book would be out on Kindle or Amazon.  It was a “log on every day to see if it’s live yet” situation.  This made it very hard to co-ordinate a proper  book “launch” especially when the gap from when it came out on e-book (April) was an unexpected month before it came out in book stores (May) and then it was June (for Kindle) and July for Amazon.  Much of this was out of our control but even so it meant our book launch wasn’t as dynamic as we’d hoped.
  • I copped a bit of flak for sharing my Uber experience with our email list. Many viewed it as off-topic and me trying to get a few free Uber rides… It was well intentioned but I have learnt some good lessons with this!





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