“One of the concepts I covered in this week’s AI Content Blueprint workshop was the 4 types of content to win the hearts and minds of your clients.

It’s important to have the right mix of Share, Show, Teach and Offer content.

‘Share’ content gives people an insight into you as a person, ie. the real you. It might be your personal story, a glimpse behind the scenes or your philosophy, beliefs or values. It is designed to build a strong personal connection with you. Most business owners neglect this type of content because ‘who wants to know about me?’, but the reality is clients buy from people they like and whose values are aligned to theirs.

‘Show’ content demonstrates that you can actually deliver results. You could show case studies, testimonials, awards, accolades, press or praise. It proves you can walk the talk. Many business owners who err on the humble side neglect to showcase their own accomplishments or their clients’ wins. However the reality is clients will only engage you if they believe you’ll achieve results.

‘Teach’ content adds genuine value and demonstrates your expertise. This usually takes the form of helpful tips, essays, insights, lessons, and tutorials. You’d typically teach the why, the what and some of the how. The majority of business owners are most comfortable with this type of content. However if you overdo it, and neglect the other types, you run the risk of being just another knowledgable person, without any real point of difference.

‘Offer’ content is about inviting people to take action and take the next step. It can be an invite to join a workshop or download some flagship content, or an offer to book a conversation or make a purchase. Many business owners become timid here because they fear it is ‘salesy’ but the reality is you need to make offers to help your clients. I like to frame it as ‘inviting’ people as opposed to ‘asking’ or ‘selling’. Here is a Content Matrix diagram that shows you mix of 4 types of content.

This was just one of the areas we covered.

If you’d like to purchase the recording of the AI Content Blueprint workshop, it’s available now for $97 USD.

You’ll learn:

  • ​the 4 types of content you need to publish to win the hearts and minds of your ideal clients.
  • ​a practical Content Matrix Template that will allow you to brainstorm enough content ideas for 6 months.
  • ​how to uncover the perfect Content Cadence for your business.
  • ​the process to map out your ideas into a Content Marketing Calendar — that is both structured and flexible.
  • ​how to leverage ChatGPT as your first port of call for your content marketing activities.
  • ​the best AI tools to accelerate your output.

Here’s what clients and guests had to say:
“Adam has expert-level knowledge and delivers it in an engaging and practical way. Highly recommend.” ~ Richard T

“Incredibly helpful information shared in an easy to digest presentation. Excited to see the impact to my business in following the insights and tools!” ~Stacie

“Just participated in a webinar with Adam, very clear and concise and practical. Gave ideas and structure for content for next 6 months to 12 months, that you can start on straight away!” ~Noelle

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