A fake negative comment could occur on your Google reviews, on your Facebook page or even your LinkedIn profile — and it’s quite a scary prospect because it could impact your business!

I’ve spoken at a few conferences lately and it’s attendees’ most common fear!

Watch this short video to learn what to do with fake negative reviews (as well as real negative reviews).

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Firstly let me start by saying that a real/legit negative review isn’t a bad thing (…even though it may feel that way!)

Provided you have lots of positive reviews, reasonable people reading the reviews know that you can’t be all things to all people.

In fact studies show that a few negative reviews are actually good for business.

In the video I share how I’m not worried by my book’s 1 star review on Amazon:

The book’s content is good, however the file format is not compatible with my Kindle (I bought only two years ago). Amazon Kindle, you really screw up consumers!

Now, secondly, let’s look at how to respond to a fake negative comments.

If you suspect the reviewer is not a real customer (aka a fake reviewer), try this format:

“Hi _______, I can’t seem to find any record of you in our customer database. Can you please contact me on { email or phone number} with the details you used to purchase/sign up? Then I can find you in my system and I can resolve this issue for you.”

This format works out if they are a legit customer or not, and also makes it clear to other people that this negative reviewer may be a fake.

I hope that’s been useful.

If you’d like a framework for replying to 6 different types of comments, please download the free Negative Comments Response Template

This post originally appeared on the Bluewire Media blog.

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