Post nominals on LinkedIn?

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Today’s question is from Karen. She asked:

“What’s my view on having post nominals included after your name on LinkedIn?”


Firstly, what are post nominals?

Now, post nominals are just those letters people put after their name to signify some sort of accreditation or certification. You may see things like CFA, MBA, CFP, CSP. You may see things like CFA, MBA, CFP, CSP.

There’s all sorts of different post nominals that you could put, assuming that you’ve, obviously, got the accreditation.

Should you put your credentials after your name on LinkedIn?

Now, my take on this is if those post nominals are meaningful to your ideal buyers, if those post nominals are meaningful to your ideal buyers, then definitely include it because it conveys authority and proves credibility.

However, if those post nominals are only really meaningful to you and no one else knows what they mean or what they stand for, I probably wouldn’t bother. For example, in my sort of speaking world, there’s an accreditation called a CSP, Certified Speaking Professional.

So a lot of speakers will put that on their LinkedIn name because to conference organisers and people booking speakers, that is a meaningful way to convey your credibility as a speaker.

Should I put my degree or certification after my name on LinkedIn?

That said, there’s a lot of post nominals out there that no one really has a clue what they mean. In those situations, I probably wouldn’t bother putting it on. Hope that helps Karen.

My name is Adam Franklin. See you in the next video.


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