Inspired by Jack Daly who publishes his yearly goals, I’ve decided to do the same.

I personally like to use Tim Ferriss’s Dreamline tool (Excel Spreadsheet – 448KB)  to set goals for each quarter (90 days).  I set up to 5 goals for HAVING, BEING & DOING. Plus I like to document annual goals at the start of each year.

My process:
Every quarter, I set my goals, show my ‘council’ — two friends who I trust — and at the end of each quarter sit down with each of them to evaluate how I’ve gone.   I do the same for them. We usually do this ‘off-site’ as an excuse to get away!

GOALS 2013:

The big goals for 2013 are:

  • Write and publish a book with Toby [Business]
  • Travel to USA & Peru with Mark [Travel]
  • Run PBs for the half marathon (sub 74), City2Surf [sub 61] marathon (sub 3:34) [Fitness]

GOALS 2012:

Bluewire goals:

Launch Social Media DIY Toolkit
Release Social Media Planning Template
Write, Launch and Sell ‘Secrets of Social Media for Business’ e-book + bonus video.
Launch Website Blueprint DIY Toolkit
Get 10 good affiliates for our 3 DIY Toolkits (via e-junkie and Click-bank)
Launch Business Cloud Web Strategy tool
Breakfast Show spot
Write for Kochie’s Business Builders
Publish book “Web Strategy Secrets”
Birthday card system
10 public speaking gigs at $3k + GST
Roll out managed services for all VIPs
Mobile friendly website
Bluewire app in iTunes
Launch v2 of my blog


Runs and swims: 

Canberra half marathon (sub 90)  15 April
Gold Coast Marathon (sub 3:30mins)  1 July
Melbourne Marathon (sub 3:15mins)
SHM Half Marathon (sub 90mins) 20 May  — may need to pull out if I can do the 10km swim
City2Surf (sub 55 mins)  12 August
North Bondi – 8 Jan
Palm to Whale – 29 Jan
Cole Classic, Manly – Feb 4
North Bondi – Feb 12
Malabar – 19th Feb
Bondi Blue Water – Apr 9
5km Coogee to Bondi  25 Apr
10km Southhead Roughwater (Bondi à Watsons Bay)  20 May
Bondi 2 Bronte
Coogee Island


Hunter Valley (Rod Stewart)
Burning Man, USA –  September
Business Growth (Oct) or Leadership (May) USA
Winery tour, Marlborough NZ
Bali or Maldives surfing


Live with Tom
Have an iPad
Start taking Stem Cell 100 tablets

Quarterly Goals:
September – December 2011

EMSA presentation – done
Social Media workshop – 20 tickets sold – done
100 Drag + Flys sold – ~80 sold
New jeans, jumper, shorts, shoes – done
Perth workshop – postponed


Locked in for NYE & NYD – done
In touch with friends for Xmas (20 phonecalls) – done
Less than 80kg after Xmas – done


Melbourne Mara sub 3:30  (Done — 3:34:42)
Bondi to Bronte swim (sub 40) — no, but Coogee Island Swim instead (44 mins)
SMB 2011 Fridge to Fridge  — Organised then postponed
Beach House holiday — DONE
Oaks Day + Elton John in Hunter Valley — BONUS!!

Quarterly Goals:
July – September 2011

Done my tax
2. Launch Bluewire’s DIY Web Strategy Tookit – our 1st digital product
3. Buy a new Panasonic Lumix camera
4. Write down my Bucket List + Medium term goals (5-10 year) + Long term goals (20+ years)
5. A wine collection – 5 cases


1. Be sub-73kg in time for Melbourne Marathon  – by sticking to Slow Carb 4 Hour Body program. Run 1 x 25km+ run per week after City2Surf.
2. Able to do 100 push ups + 100 sit ups – by practising at the gym
3. Registered & licenced to drive in NSW – by calling RTA, getting green + blue slip, go into RTA and get new plates + licence.
4. Able to do 20 dips, 20 chins – by practising at the gym
5. Part of Steve’s Bondi Surf Swim classes – by contacting Steve.

Run Gold Coast marathon in sub 4hours + City2 Surf 14km in sub 75 mins
2. Strategic ‘off-site’ with Tom to set medium term, long term + bucket list goals
3. 8 paid ‘social media’ speaking events
4. Allocate one day per week to read, blog + think
5. 2 platelet +  3 plasma donations at Red Cross

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