My predictions for LinkedIn in 2021

My name is Adam Franklin, and I’m the CEO of Bluewire Media, the author of Web Marketing That Works, and I’m a LinkedIn marketing coach.  Here are my 2021 LinkedIn predictions.

1. LinkedIn CRM feature.

Now my predictions for 2021 for LinkedIn is firstly, I believe that they are going to improve the CRM capacities of the platform. For example, if we’ve got hundreds or thousands of contacts, currently it can be quite a mess to keep track of everybody.

Now, I remember when they had a CRM feature where you could add notes, where you could add tags. If they were to reintroduce that, that would be a huge advancement in my opinion.

Now to take that one step further. If we could actually have visibility as to where conversations were at with people, according to maybe tags that we applied to certain contacts, that would make it so much more meaningful as a marketer, as a sales person, and as a business owner, to have a much more meaningful exchange with the people in our network.

Currently, certainly for myself and clients, it’s a manual process of tracking those conversations in a separate platform like a CRM or a spreadsheet. But if LinkedIn provided that in the platform, I believe we will be spending a lot more time in there in LinkedIn, and it would be valuable for both the users and LinkedIn.

2. Improve Inbox Experience

Number two. I think an advancement or an improvement that they should make, and is my prediction, is to improve the inbox experience. If we could have folders, if we could have a logical way to actually keep track of the various inboxes. I mean, for example, the sales navigator inbox is different and separate to the LinkedIn inbox, which can often make having a seamless conversation with somebody very difficult when you can’t see the other communications that you’ve had in the past.

3. Improved LinkedIn Events

And thirdly, I think LinkedIn events is going to go from strength to strength. I love how that people can now register their name and email address, and if they were to then have a feature where if somebody registered for your event, and then you visited that person’s profile. If there was information to say this contact actually registered for your event, as part of like the CRM feature, that would be hugely valuable so that you can see on a dashboard, how that person has interacted with your events, maybe even with your content, and with your private messages.

That would just make the LinkedIn experience so much better. And they’re my predictions for 2021. Cheers.


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This post originally appeared on the Bluewire Media blog.

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