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VIDEO: Off the cuff video framework


Today I’m going to talk you through a simple framework for doing off the cuff videos just like this.

And it’s from my friend, Alexi.

Before I had this framework, I would often think about what to say, and it would kind of just do my head in a little bit. Then I realised that if I just kept a list of topics, then that would be a very easy system, because I could just look at the topics, when I was about to shoot a video, and know what to talk about.

But now this new framework that Alexi has taught me is, talk it through this framework.

  • What happened in the past,
  • What’s happening now,
  • and the framework for the future.

So whilst I’m teaching you this framework, I’m also implementing it myself. Past, present, future is a simple framework for these off the cuff, impromptu videos. My name is Adam Franklin, hope that helps. See you next time.

This post originally appeared on the Bluewire Media blog


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