Each year I post a year in review highlighting the major breakthroughs and things I’m proud of. In the words of Seth Godin I look at what I have shipped.

In 2019, I’ve decided to look at what has had the most impact in terms of my business and life in general.

1. Getting engaged

Getting engaged to Lou has has been a big personal milestone for me.

Lou and bellaI’ve found a loving partner who:
1. Brings out the best in me and makes life better.
2. Make me laugh and finds me interesting whilst accepting me for who I am.
3. Supports me and understands my world as entrepreneur as she is a business owner herself.

Plus I’ve got to welcome her dog Bella into my world!   We moved into a new place together in June, and that has also been a huge game changer for us.  Living back in Brisbane has also allowed me to spend more time with my niece, nephew and god daughter!

2. Swimming 4-5x per week

I’d been looking for a local swimming squad for quite some time, and the pool nearest to me didn’t have any adults sessions advertised. Proximity to the pool is a big factor in me actually attending training, so I was thrilled when I bumped into a mate who told me about the local squad.  They don’t advertise it because the pool is quite small, so this discovery was a major turning point for me.

Since July…. I’ve been doing 4-5 sessions per week. Combined with intermittent fasting (see below), I was able to shed 10kg between July and November.

I also find swimming somewhat meditative. I’ve never quite got my head around pure meditation, but I find swimming allows me to clear my mind and focus on breathing, which is my understanding of what mediation helps you achieve.

In 2020, I’d like to add yoga and some strength work to my routine.

3. Intermittent fasting

I first discovered intermittent fasting (IF) in 2017, and managed to lose 15kg in that year.  I’ve been an advocate ever since.  That said, in 2018 and early 2019 whilst I was technically fasting intermittently for much of the time, I realised the poor quality and large quantity of food I ate caused me to gain 10kg.

A trip to the US in July coincided with my friend and running coach being there too, and he commented that I’d put on a few kilos.  I knew it, but the feedback was a timely reality check and served as a turning point to get back into things properly.  I immediately resumed the fasting program that had been so effective in the past and have shed those ten kilos.

What my intermittent fasting looks like

Typically I’ll have one meal per day at around 6pm or 7pm.   I start the day with a bulletproof coffee which is black coffee mixed with a teaspoon of ghee, and a teaspoon of MCT oil.   It usually keeps me going until my main meal at 6pm.  I’m not suggesting it will suit you, but it’s been working for me, and has transformed my relationship with food.

When I do eat, I try to aim for keto based meals which are low (or no) carb, high protein & high fat. Typically it consists of vegetables, eggs and some meat.   When I do have a blow-out on the food front, I can negate it with a 48 hour fast.    On three occasions in 2019, I did 100 hour fasts (4.5 days).  It’s like a nice reset for my body.

In 2020 I’m going to experiment with the impact reducing alcohol intake has.

4. On the work front: Simplifying.

In the past I’ve been guilty of biting off more than I can chew, and getting overwhelmed.   So when I analysed what moved the needle the most and what I enjoyed the most, it was the same thing — my coaching program.  So I focused on that, and freed myself from worrying about the other stuff.

My mantra became: Do fewer things, but better.

I doubled down on my coaching program and so far at least 40 private clients have participated in it.  The reason I find this work most rewarding is because I can guide people along the whole the journey — not just the start of it.

In the past, speaking and in-house training was a big chunk of what I’ve done, revenue-wise. But I kept encountering the same challenge which was people would see me at a conference or workshop, but then when I saw them again, they’d not really implemented much.    Now I love holding people’s hand, so they don’t get stuck or overwhelmed.  The coaching program is a combination of 1-on-1 coaching and peer group workshops.

Client Intensive 2019

In 2019, speaking and in-house workshops were a ‘nice-to-have’ if people asked and if the projects were interesting, but the coaching program was what I focused on.   This was liberating as well as made me more effective.

In 2020, my goal is to refine the coaching program to make it more useful and also to build out a 12 month graduate program once clients complete the 90 LinkedIn Launchpad Program.

Part of my plan includes creating online modules for clients that package up the IP that I teach.

This has 3 benefits for me and my clients.

  • Clients can refer back to the material whenever they need.
  • It’s not reliant on me repeating myself every time to clients. They can refer them to the material and implement it on their own and then our 1-on-1 time together is more effective since I can help them refine it from there.
  • I can then sell these ‘modules’ as online courses to people who aren’t quite ready for my private coaching and it also serves as entry points for these prospective clients.

In 2019, Toby and I also formalised our new working relationship with Bluewire.

I’ve been running Bluewire for most of 2019, whilst Toby has taken a more of a backseat.  Toby’s involvement has evolved to a point where he can follow his true passion and apply his ‘native genius’ in the area of high performance.  Toby launched his new business, North — a “high performance culture” consultancy with Jonah Oliver.

Toby is still a director and shareholder of Bluewire, and works with me on the strategic direction of the company, as well as looks after its financial management.   It is a great working relationship and exciting for both of us.

5. 100 videos in 100 days

I made a pact in March to record 100 videos and 100 days and publish them online.   I enjoyed the process so much that I continued and did many more than the 100 I set out to do.  You can check them out on my Facebook page.

On the content creation front, I’ve released over a dozen new LinkedIn resources which I’ve shared with readers and LinkedIn contacts. All of them are free, and they’ve been downloaded by tens of thousands of people.  Sharing these resources and building this ‘content asset’ has been very satisfying.

6. Travel

Travel and adventure has always been something I’ve enjoyed and this year I spent some time visiting parts of Australia and well as overseas.

  • Australia: Perth & Margaret River for my 39th bday, plus little getaways to Coolum and Broadbeach.
  • USA: St Louis, New Jersey and New York.
  • Bangalore, India: This was for a conference (which was ultimately a debacle because it got cancelled morning it was meant to start).

2020 plans

I document all my goals and review with them Toby and Lou, but the big pictures ones are:

  • Focus on onboarding 100 clients into my coaching program and help each of them achieve good results.
  • Build out more of our IP into 3 online courses for clients (specifically on the topics of Sales & Conversion, Email Marketing and Content Marketing).
  • Celebrate my 40th birthday in April.

PS. Please donate to the Australian fires….

Australian firesAt the time of writing, hundreds of out-of-control fires are raging across Australia causing catastrophic damage. Our thoughts and donations are with the firefighters and the families who’ve lost everything.

Australian comedian Celeste Barber is helping the situation via the power of social media and has raised $6,058,113 in the last  48 hours (and more donations are flooding in).  Money raised is going to the fire services and if you can help, please make a donation here.


I originally published this on the Bluewire Media blog.


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