Each year I record what was and wasn’t shipped (Seth’s vernacular). Most are documented goals, but some pop up and are worth writing in the blog post for the record.

Here goes for 2103.


  • Got a book deal with Wiley for Web Marketing That Works
  • Wrote the manuscript with Toby (within a 90 day deadline)

    Sel Adam Suresh Elephant
    In India
  • Spent all day, everyday with Toby from Boxing Day to Jan 3rd making final edits to the manuscript.
  • Launched an online course for $197
  • Ran Social Media Down Under for the second year (even though attendance wasn’t as good as last year)
  • Travelled to India for a keynote speech (and they sent us on a 7 day tour of Kerala afterwards)
  • Ran a Web Marketing Workshop in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne which were well received.
  • Had a major pivot in our business — we discontinued web design and implementation services for clients, so we could focus purely on advice and training.  This move has freed up an enormous amount of time and expenses, with no adverse effect on monthly revenue.


  • Spent the year with a lovely girlfriend and went to Auckland for her twin’s wedding.

    Tobes wedding
    Tobes wedding
  • MC’d Toby (and Lucy’s) wedding and Pav (and Alana’s) wedding.
  • Was best man for my brother’s wedding. Gave the best man’s speech, organised the bucks and delivered the rings!
  • Went to the Hong Kong Sevens rugby
  • Ran the Budgy Bolt race around Sydney in speedos!
  • I ended up running 4 half marathons (Canberra 1:43, Sydney 1:39, Gold Coast 1:39, Blackmores 1:50).. I’d aimed to run PBs for half-maraton, marathon and City2Surf, but kept doing ‘halves’ to knock over the PB.

What didn’t work

  • Didn’t make to Inbound since a mate’s wedding took priority.
  • Was saddened to lose a Bluewire friend and alumni, Tony.  We miss you.


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No surprises.

No surprises.
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