dancing-lizardThe lizard brain, the resistance, the voice in your head that you wrestle with as you contemplate bigger things.

Seth Godin has called this the ‘lizard brain’ and labels it dangerous because it traps you in your comfort zone.

In Ch 49 of Seth’s latest book The Icarus Deception, I made the best discovery. You can’t eliminate the lizard, so you may as well learn to dance with him!

Partner with the lizard. Engage the resistance. Recognise it and realise it’s a sign you’re on the right path.  The lizard is always there if you are making art, and if the lizard isn’t there then you are not an artist.

If things cannot go wrong, it is not art. Whereas, if you can say ‘this might not work’ you are entering the realm of art.

Since the lizard is always there, here are ways Seth suggests as ways to dance with him.

Dancing with the lizard

  • Learn to sell what you’ve made
  • Say thank you in writing
  • Speak in public
  • Fail often
  • See the world as it is
  • Teach others
  • Make predictions
  • Write daily
  • Make connections
  • Lead a tribe

Don’t compromise your art

I also really enjoyed Seth story about his direct marketing company in the 90s, and his realisation that you can’t compromise your art.

If clients are not prepared to buy into the magic of what we can do, and we are just selling what the client is prepared to buy into 0n the day, then it’s not art.

We are sacrificing the magic are we’re leading our team down a path of mediocrity. Sell art, and walk away if the customer is not right for you. You’re not desperate!

You can buy the book, read Seth’s blog. Both are highly recommended.


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