One of the highlights of the Multipliers Leadership Summit in San Fransisco was hearing from Twitter‘s new CTO Chris Fry.  Chris was formerly at and oversaw tremendous growth there.

Given Chris has seen huge growth at and it is going the same way at Twitter, my question for Chris was:

When you made significant breakthroughs at both companies, what were the lightbulb moments and what can we learn from them?

What I learnt from Chris:
There is a lot of debate-making at Twitter, but core values always come back to frame all their decisions. They are always are guided by Twitter’s mission which is to bring free ideas into the world.

Twitter’s CTO Chris Fry

A lot of things change (and break) as you grow from 50 to 100 to 500 staff. Embrace being broken and go back to “learning mode.”  Information flow is important and so is breaking the hierarchy.  Make sure you defeat the hierarchy especially when you are the hierarchy.

Also seek feedback from colleagues when you’re in “learning mode'”  Openness should be a badge of honour.  And finally let people choose their team. It is best for retention and happiness.


Adam & Toby at Twitter

Thanks Chris, you can follow @chfry on twitter.  And thanks also for Melissa for the tour of the Twitter offices that afternoon.


chris fry, twitter

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