Following in from last year’s post, here’s the list of things I’ve shipped in 2011.  I’ve also included what I didn’t ship and mistakes I’ve learnt from.


First ebook - Web Strategy Secrets

– Bluewire survived the Queensland floods and helped raise over $1200 at Bluewire’s 6th birthday party.
– Launched my first e-book.  ‘Web Strategy Secrets‘ written by Toby Jenkins and myself.
– Did our first Social Media Full Day Interactive Workshop. One in Sydney and one in Brisbane
– Did the launch of our first digital download product – DIY Web Strategy Toolkit for $247.
– Did 10 public speaking events (increasing my fees from $550 to $3,300 over 12 months.)
– Got on two speakers’ bureaus.
– Started a guest blogging column on Startup Smart
– Did my first radio interview on 2UE
– Started a muse (a pretty much automated business as written about in 4 Hour Work Week) called Drag + Fly – it’s a swimming resistance device.


My first marathon in 4:03:01

– Lost 14kg body fat by sticking to the 4 Hour Body slow carb diet. And exercising of course!
– Ran my first marathon   Gold Coast (4:03:01)
– Ran my second marathon in Melbourne (3:34:43) – that’s a 28 minute PB thanks to super coach Sean Bowes.
– Ran 2 half marathons.  Canberra (1:52)  and Sydney (1:38)
– Ran City2Surf 14km fun run (1:01)
– Did 3 ocean swims
– Made 13 donations at Red Cross.  8 plasma and 5 platelet donations
– Donated over 1% of my income to charity
– Strengthened friendships with all the great people in Bondi and Sydney!
– Also got to meet John Howard and David Meerman Scott – two aspirational contacts!

– Two overseas trips with two of my best mates.  Visited New Caledonia, USA, Ireland, Israel, Germany and Austria
– Had weekends away at Hobart, Canberra, Melbourne (twice) and Hunter Valley.

Meeting John Howard

Things I didn’t ship but would’ve like to:
– a sub 60 City2Surf
– didn’t get to move in with my mate Tom


– The main one is not having the signed books and DVDs in my possession prior to sending the DIY Web Strategy Toolkit email.

Here’s to 2012.
Reflecting on the year, I feel more and more grateful for the life I’ve got.  Of course there’s always room for improvement but we must always celebrate milestones along the way and I’ve tried to do this!  Living in the same building as my lifelong friend and business partner Tobes has been heaps of fun, as has living in Bondi – many great times.

Sadly, three friends passed away this year who were all way too young. I’ll keep them in my thoughts and their memory keeps me setting goals and chasing dreams because when my time is up, I don’t to be left wondering!

Of course, special thanks to family, friends, Bluewire colleagues, clients and everyone else who made last year unforgettable. Here’s to 2012!


seth godin

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