Inspired by what Seth Godin ‘shipped’ in 2010, here’s my list:

What I shipped in 2010:


Spoke at 15 events

1.  Bluewire events — 4 educational events (including David Meerman Scott live via satellite)
2. My personal blog — you’re reading it now!
3.  Web Strategy Planning Template – download it for free.
4. Bluewire’s 5th birthday party — $1,340 raised for charity.
5. Interviewed Verne Harnish, Jack Daly, David Meerman Scott, The Gadget Guy, The Name Tag Guy & my first Big 4 CEO  — Giam Swiegers – CEO, Deloitte Australia. Check them out on our blog.
6. Spoke at 15 events (not including our own) – to well over 1,500 people all up.
7. Did my first (of several) paid speaking gigs
8.  Seven Bluewire News – email newsletters
9. Recorded three 30 second ‘business tips’ for Kochie’s Business Builders.
10. Set 3 quarterly ‘Dreamlines’ — and was held accountable by 2 mates. (A dreamline is Tim Ferriss’s free goal setting tool)
11. Started a ‘Rockefeller Habits’ group in Brisbane.


52cm Flathead

1. Did 3 overseas trips — 6 countries visited (NZ, USA, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Fiji & Indonesia). With 3 weddings on 3 continents!
2. Made the decision to move to Bondi & drove down with all my belongings for New Years Eve.
3. Caught a 52 cm flathead (my PB)
4.  Made 8 plasma donations to Red Cross.
5. Had my 30th birthday party at the Gold Coast
6. Donated over 1% of my income to charity.
7. Surfed the biggest wave of my life at Uluwatu, Bali.

My biggest wave at Uluwatu

Things I DIDN’T ship in 2010, but would’ve liked to.
1. An e-book.
2. Gold Coast half marathon
3. Ocean swim  (1 km)

Looking back I am pleased with the year and had a blast.  Of course, I got heaps of help from Toby, friends, family and colleagues – so thank you everyone.

And finally thanks for continually pushing us with your books and blog, Seth!

What else got shipped in 2010…? I’d love to find out.


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